Gravity Yoga SUP Workshop

Stand Up Paddle Yoga Workshop

3 Online Sessions

3 On Water Sessions

Gravity SUP Yoga

We can feel Spring right around the corner but we are maybe not quite ready to get into group workshops. Gravity Yoga is offering an inspiring opportunity to prepare for the warm weather and the be ready to hit the water when the sunshine arrives.

New Hybrid Workshop

Half Online Half on Water

Online portion Saturdays April 17, 24, May 1st @ 10 am.
On Water portion Saturdays in May starting May 8th. And each sequential Saturday after that depending on the weather. If it is raining or too windy we will move to the next Saturday. If there are conflicts due to weather Lori will make sure each student gets 3 On Water sessions by the end of June at the latest!

3 Online Sessions

Your mat is your board at home

One Class per week, classes will be taped so timing is not an issue.

3 Zoom Sessions

Taped so can be watched on at your convenience
How the zoom sessions will progress:
Student Introductions, checking in about past yoga experience, past paddle board experience, begin introduction of Paddle board yoga poses that we will be studying through this course.
The we will go right into practice of each pose on the ground in your own homes.
There will be time with the group for questions and sharing. We will also be learning modifications and bus stops for each pose. By the end of the 3 Zoom sessions each student will have designed a personal flow to work on for practice teaching on the water.

3 On Water Sessions

Time for the boards to hit the water!

Let’s see how it feels for real!

It will be great to get outdoors and move your body!

3 On Water Sessions for on board training of poses.

First getting comfortable with poses.
Then working with partner on alignment, start practicing own flow.
Practice teaching with partner.
By the end of the 3 On Water Sessions each student will have had a chance to practice teach to a small group if they would like the experience.

Gravity Yoga SUP

One of the fun ways we do yoga in Olympia, Out on the Water! SUP Olympia?!

If for some reason the workshop does not fill to at least four students all tuition and rental fees will be refunded. Feel free to call/text 360-451-3179 or email if you have questions or want to make payment arrangements. Gravity Yoga LLC will never turn a client in need away. Price can always be negotiated. Please don’t hesitate to contact Lori and discuss your situation. Payment plans and sometimes trade can be an option.

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