Group Session

Schedule a session or a regular weekly yoga session for your Group. Your Group could be family, school friends, work group for team building, or even a party or group date evening.

Time to be safe and social

Due to Covid we have new safely space classes and private session options. We are asking if you are interested in scheduling a session for yourself, family members, or a small group please start by calling or texting 360-451-3179. Or feel free to email with your contact info and any questions you may have. With Spring time closing in we have a lot of Outdoor options as well as a big studio space where we can open the garage door for great air circulation

I would highly suggest anyone try it if you are even a little interested. There is truly nothing like it! Also, Lori is absolutely amazing. She cares so much about her practice and her students. She always has different ways to stretch a muscle or get into a difficult pose if you’re having trouble. She is such a passionate person! Basically, just go. You won’t be disappointed!

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