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The Effects of The Pandemic on Gravity Yoga

March 16, 2020 Gravity Yoga studio closed it’s doors. Since then we have been trying to stay in touch with Online zoom classes and Outdoor yoga trapeze sessions at the Gravity Yoga Garden on 8th Ave Se. We have begun to schedule in person sessions in very small groups. It will be at least 6 months until we will be able to ramp up to full capacity. In the meanwhile to hold classes we could use some help with the over head. We still have unpaid bills from this prior year and will have to reestablish some expenses as we start to ramp back up. We as always are committed to providing yoga to any one of any income level so we try to keep prices accessible to all. We could use just a little help to go in to the commitment of business overhead again. We so look forward to seeing every one out and about again soon!

This is the single most beneficial all around thing you can do for your body and mind. Helped me first wirh back pain by decompressing by spine and joints. For someone who is in their 50’s greatly improved flexibility, balace and posture made me feel whole again. I also found you can use the trapeze for significant crossfit type strength training. By using your own bodyweight there is no need for fancy machines or heavy weights.
Most important the owner Lori has loads of experience and can customize you to your own body and level. She is super kind, gentle and understanding. The kinda of person you wouldn’t mind seeing, being with and talking to everday!

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