Private Yoga Coaching

Lori can be your health coach

Personal routine set to help support general well being
Each client builds their own program

Recommended weekly schedule 2 one hour zoom or in person meetings or directed yoga or other exercise
All Coaching Students have access to any weekly online zoom classes usually trapeze and my youtube station for ideas and inspiration.
We can add hourly sessions to your program at a discounted/part of package rate.
I can support those interested in cold bath therapy, I now have an ice bath set up. This could be built in to any program we set up.
We can build paddle board yoga or tours into program as well
First hour is intake this may include demonstrations of poses or assessing yoga trapeze mount and setting goals and designing your personal program

For more information or to save a space for your personal coaching program call or text (360)-451-3179

Lori has made a beautiful studio and a thriving practice at a centralized location. My daughter and her friend are busy teens and they both love the classes here.

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